Ways Of Life

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Ways Of Life

live and work among nature

The project aims to bring young professionals, who left the region for educational reasons, back home. In addition new inhabitants should be attracted to Waldeck too. Like many other non-urban areas in Europe, the region faces the consequences of depopulation. Due to the young generation’s drift towards the cities and the general demographic shift to an ageing society, well-functioning local communities are shrinking and eventually dying.

Ways of Life is a joint project by 19 architecture firms from around the world. Located by the Lake Edersee in Germany, the site is within the ‘middle geography’ of ‘city’ and ‘nature’. Geographies like these are often overlooked by designers, despite hosting more than forty percent of Europe’s population. This zone has been used as a basis for the development of the environment.

Ways of life proposes an alternative way of life, that curates architecture and accordingly, attracts the ideal client.

„19 international architecture offices work together to establish a new understanding of living and working in and with nature“

How to live and work in and with nature is the fundamental topic of discussions and workshops that will take place in summer 2017 during the Experimenta Urbana – the sister event to the documenta 14 in Kassel.

Each office has developed an experimental dwelling – on a specific site on the peninsula Scheid in the lake Ederesee in the green centre of Germany – asking how we live and work today. These projects will be manifestations of this condition. Beyond a theoretical exercise. The intention is to select a number of designs for realization.