Water, forests and mountains are the hallmark of one of Europe’s largest reservoirs. With a length of 27 km the Edersee is a true paradise for holiday captains and wave riders. Here, in Hesse’s green north, seven towns and villages have joined together around the Edersee and directly on the natural park Kellerwald (recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage).
One of Germany’s most beautiful and varied mountain ranges offers a variety of leisure and adventure offers, unique natural experiences, charming cities and villages, excellent hiking opportunities and interesting events.
Mother Nature plays a sympathetic main role here. Here the densely wooded mountains of the primitive cellar forest line the scenery. The element of this unique natural and cultural landscape, full of charm, is the calm, flowing blue-silver band of the Eder, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe with the 27-kilometer Edersee. Therefore, the region is considered a true paradise for nature lovers and hikers, water sports fans, activists, culture lovers and health enthusiasts.
A few years ago on the south bank of the Edersee, Hessens first „Baumkronenweg“ was opened. The “TreeTopWalk“ is 230 m long and up to 30 m high. A unique nature and hiking experience.